June 1 2011

Em-Power Days, June 2011

Sure is a lot happening high in the skies during this halfway mark of the year!  I’m not just talking about Gabby Gifford’s husband touching down either, although, I do think a rocket hurtling back to earth could shortly symbolize what we might soon see in our stock market.  But I’ll do the financial stuff in a second.  For now, we have astro energies that are going to, in some way or another, have an altering effect on every single solitary person on this planet during these June days.  Even if you shut the shade to keep the heat out, these energies will find a way to slip through and simmer.  That includes potentially penetrating the chinks in your armor too.  Inside the next thirty days time we will experience TWO New Moon eclipses (one for Team Jacob and the other for Edward) that sandwich a powerful total Full Moon eclipse occurring mid-month.  Yeesh.  But not yikes.  Not yet anyway.  Yikes comes first day of July.  Alongside “oh shit.”  June is more about self-expression and personal power than that.  Speaking of swearing, I promise that clear communications get a big boost this month as well so say what you mean and mean what you say Daisy Mayzie or risk the elephant staying in the proverbial room. And it’s not Ganesh.  Too bad too.  Now, how about some other large keywords that rep June too?  Words like ‘progress’ and ‘achievement’ as well as ‘ability,’ as in, building a secure and lasting foundation.  They’re all here too.  In June.

Take time to dream of a safe future.  Send energy and hold the vision of global leaders inspiring efforts for a global infrastructure that will be put in place so support our own global human evolution and unfolding.  Have FAITH that perseverance, persistence and progressive endurance can bring both resolution and resolve.  In June.  Have the audacity to HOPE for the future.  In June.  Be CHARITABLE.  Karma. In June.  There is danger of deception and dissent.  But not if we don’t let there be.  May the force (and the power and protection and ability to express peaceful ideas) be with US.  In June.

Now to market, to market, to market we go.  And we probably won’t be alone.  At least  not in the immediate.  Neptune turns retrograde on June 2, the same day that mercurial Mercury returns to its home sign of Gemini.  This could provide a sense of beauty as well as urges and impulses towards both artistic and romantic pursuits.  But also could rep rumors, deception, denial and deceit.  Oh what’s a girl to do?  Especially an investing one?  Well with Neptune reversing and Mercury and Jupiter both changing their minds and their sides, the breezes of change are starting to billow.  But soon they will blow.  Your mind.  When this latest house of cards start to crumble.  Markets might head higher now but how much is built on reality?  For that matter BRAVO, how much is really built on reality?  Give yourself a hand if you’re poised to take profit.  A crest is coming.  Don’t ride the wave.  Even if it is summer.  Hang ten but take twenty and put it in your piggy.  July 22.  Just sayin’ …  in June.

Now, if you want to learn more about what this month’s horoscope holds for you as well as all the empowering, positive and proactive ways that you can use these energies to your total advantage then click here and read your monthly SHUISTROLOGY forecast.  Sign up for the free newsletter while you’re at it and get the Super Stellar Day info as well.  And don’t forget to follow me on Facebook for up to the minute astro analysis and insight each and every day!  HAPPY JUNE bugs, HAPPY JUNE!  Here, now, the Empowering Days:

JUNE 1 - New Moon Eclipse in jittery Gemmmmiiiinnnniii.  This eclipse highlights communications and connections.  Ideas will flow like honey and be equally as sweet.  That said, expansion could come at a price during an eclipse phase and with Sun trine Saturn as well these early days might not be the best ones for decision making.  Patience and persistence pay off down the line.  For now, affirm that “”My good now overtakes me in a surprising way” and wait for those words to come true.  In the beginning was the word.  Affirming this during these days give you the last one.

JUNE 2 - Mercury squaring off against a cloudy and foggy Neptune.  There’s nothing intrinsically wrong with wishful thinking.  However, in order to separate fantasy from fact you’ll have to remember one critical thing…if he/she/it looks or sounds too good to be true, it’s because he/she/it…IS!  Forewarned and all that.  Listen to your gut.  Use sandalwood incense to tap your intuitive intellect.  And, then, listen to your gut.

JUNE 3 - Mercury the Messenger joins the juice charging Gemini while Neptune turns retro for the foreseeable.  Clean out, organize and keep your wallet and your bags free from clutter.  Sprinkle a bit of powdered ginger inside each to attract prosperity.

JUNE 4 - This is a day that most of us have been referring to and writing about since the dawn of time.  Or the beginning of the year.  Oh, c’mon, you KNOW I exaggerate so why the big deal?  Okay, now, speaking of BIG DEALS…Jupiter, the planet of expansion, expression, fortune, luck, jubilance and joy (whew!) moves into Taurus today and also takes up residence inside one of your specific houses too!  Read your monthly SHUISTROLOGY to see where that happens for you.  In the mean and for the rest of us with Mercury the Messenger also hooking up with electric Uranus you can expect innovative ideas and inspirations to fill your head and bring optimism as you take heart.  This is a good day to do ANYTHING fortune or luck related.  But do be sure to spend quiet time allowing all that inspiration to take hold.  Clear and rounded quartz crystals hung in the CREATIVITY area of your house can exponentially help all those efforts along.

JUNE 8 -  Jupiter hanging out and hooking up with Neptune making this ascloseasthistobecoming the Super Stellar Day of June!  Ultimately I chose another stars of Jupiter in our hair day to wear that crown but today’s energies are pretty darn swell as well.  Now, just in case you find you have to ‘p really badly today that could be the influence of both  power and pampering, the two overriding themes.  I’m going to merge them, well, because I can.  This bath works directly with the power of the Universe with the specific intention of attuning you to same.  You add holy or spring water to your tub and a bit of Florida water as well (you can find Florida water online or in some herbal shops or can search engine and make your own!)O  To this you add a selection of the following herbs:  motherwort, licorice, plantain, basil, pepper and mimosa.  You can also add carnations and/or sandalwood if you like since the South American shamans who share this bath also believe that those last two plants are sacred to the gatekeeper of the power as well to the entire spiritual universe.  Carnations and sandalwood are both believed to connect you to the spirit world at large while bringin you fortification and strength.  Like I said, power and pampering.  Oh la ahhhhhhhh.

JUNE 10 - Venus squares off against Neptune making love and money cloudy and foggy.  No silver lining today.  Sorry.  But golden opportunity to fortify them for the future.  Put an image of the Mystic Knot either in the ROMANCE or the WEALTH area of your bedroom and blow your breath on them four times to activate and trigger the intent.  See, this is why it’s so good to be us.  Go blow.  Now.

JUNE 12 - Saturn FINALLY FREAKIN’ turns direct after being retrograde since late January!  Venus is SEX-tiling electric Uranus too.  Romantic adventures will prove pretty steamy…red sheets.  Enough said.  Oh, except this…Aquarius, your projects will finally get off the ground now that your ruling planet is moving ahead again.  So will your plans.  Promise.  All the rest of you, go get those red sheets.  Something sizzling about to happen between them.

JUNE 15 - Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius begs you to find balance between truth and trust.  Balance the five elements by putting an image of the real deal  of moving water in CAREER.  Put wood (even pictures in wooden frames will work) in FAMILY/FRIENDS and fire in FAME.  Red candles do nicely.  Nine.  Or one. Up to you.  If you got ‘em though, light ‘em.  Put some metal in CREATIVITY, you can even use coins, seven of them and, of course, earth goes front and CENTER in HEALTH.  A healthy green plant or nice bouquet of flowers.  Done.  Balance.  Truth.  Trust.  Onward.

JUNE 17 - Mercury the Messenger sextiles generous Jupiter thereby causing opportunity to knock.  And knock and knock and knock.  Open the door.  And then make sure that there are two 2 – 3 inch in diameter round mirrors hung at eye level immediately inside the front door, one to the left and the other to the right.  Now opportunity will not only knock, it will take up permanent residence.  Yeah, yeah, you can thank me later.  Just go hang those mirrors now.  Know why?  Because YOU are the fairest of them all.  There, I said it.  Mean it.

JUNE 18 - Chatty Mercury making waves and pissing off Uranus.  Let Mercury do that talking today. As for us, well, the less said the better.  And that’s all I’ll say.

JUNE 19 - No astro energies but a heartfelt and sincere HAPPY FATHER’S DAY to all the dads out there.   We wish you joy, jubilance and homemade raspberry jam with your breakfast in bed.  Or on the 8th hole.  Wherever!  XOE

JUNE 21 - Sun enters Cancer on this Summer Solstice day.  Hmmm…with Mercury squaring off against Saturn you may have to watch getting too hot under the collar and whatever you do don’t sign anything.  Okay?  Got it?  Cool off with some cool (and MAGICALLY delicious!) cucumber soup…recipe will be on the blog today.

JUNE 25 - SUPER STELLAR DAY.  GOLDEN SUPER STELLAR DAY!  SWEET AND GOLDEN SUPER STELLAR DAY!  Want to make the entire rest of your summer as magical as this day is?  Then you’ll have to get the newsletter since that’s the ONLY place you’ll ever find the Super Stellar info!  What are you waiting for?   Go to www.ellenwhitehurst.com and sign up now!  You don’t want to miss out on any future fortune do you?  Yeah, I didn’t think so.  Come on, sign up, we’ve been waiting for you!

JUNE 26 - Uh oh.  Sun squaring off against Uranus could cause either unexpected or sudden distractions or derail your best laid plans or both.  Be flexible for the foreseeable…a couple of bumpy days ahead.  You can either look at these energies as a roller coaster ride of adventure and learning or you can cry over spilt milk.  Oh dry those tears and take the ride.  And be flexible.  Did I say that already?  And carry some water and a crystal on you during this Year of the Metal Rabbit. If you’re going to have to hop at a moment’s notice you might as well be protected while you’re doing it.

May 1 2011

Em-Power Days, May 2011

May Day!  May Day!  But in a good way.  Not the SOS kind.  Are you ready for some relief?  Yeah.  I know.  Me too.  And May brings it.  May rocks relief!  See, during March, unpredictable bff to change, Uranus, provided all the, well, unpredictable changes.  And, then, in April, Saturn was stuffing us full of contraction and fear.  Thank goodness for May when the emphasis is on enthusiasm and optimism, expansion and personal growth.  Oh, and did I say, relief?  On the way.  In May. Relationships might be reeling but opportunities will abound to put them back on the really right track.  Compromise, flexibility and consciously letting go of things that happened in the past can do the very same thing.  Wear your heart on your sleeve.  Forewarned being forearmed and all that.  Frank and emotional discussions can make some lovel-ly dreams come true. So, too, can a conjunction to Jupiter from ménage ‘a Mercury, Venus and Mars.  Uh huh.  Good times, good times. With a French accent.  It’s time to stop sticking our collective heads in the sand and, instead, start looking (again!) to those far and fabulous horizons.  They are actually much closer than you think and this month allows you plenty of golden opportunities to set sail.  Because your ship IS coming in.  May is just the month to hoist and make it happen.  Ahoy May-tee welcome aboard!

And if yuan to know what I think about financials in May, well, there’s that whole China thing making me hungry about an hour after I hear about it.  China now consciously and intentionally reducing their dependency on the U.S. Dollar because the Dollar is declining into precipitously risky levels now.  And, so, now we see China (who holds OVER $3 TRILLION in foreign exchange reserves with most of those reserves being DOLLARS!) rushing to push possibility into the yuan.  The ENTIRE world understands the economic reality of this turn of events.  Well, the whole world but our Fed, our Treasury, our congress and our White House.  What’s all this got to do with astrology you ask?  On June 4, plus or minus an end of  May week or two, Jupiter, the planet that’s offering us all this personal expansion and enthusiasm in May, well, that same giant Jupiter leaves action oriented and entrepreneurial Aries and on JUNE 4 moves into practical, grounded and realistic Taurus.  Screeching halt.  Except to higher prices in gold, silver, soybeans and, yes, oil.  They head higher still.  For now. Not for much longer though so you bulls better know when you’re exiting the ring.  You’ve already claimed the brass one.  With those brass balls.  Hey, May might even see a budget agreement reached.  Stranger things.  But it all changes in a few weeks time.  Our reps should be sitting down and taking total advantage of supportive astro energies now.  Oh yes they should.  And you should put closer stops on your commodities positions. Period.

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MAY 1 - May Day.  No astro energies to speak of but a perfect time for pole dancing.  OR you might want to rise and shine.  Literally.  Legend tells that ‘washing’ your face with pre-dawn dew on May Day will guarantee everlasting beauty for eternity.  PRETTY good trade-off for having to get up so early don’t you think?

MAY 3 - New Moon in Taurus highlights taking a p…or two…when pampering and pleasure take center stage.  LOVING this day as well when optimistic and expansive Jupiter joins action-oriented Mars to make you feel like a pampered and pleased super hero.  You’ll feel as if there’s nothing you can’t do.  Because there isn’t.  Get tons done before taking the following bath that brings both increased calm and freedom from physical concerns.  ‘Water of the Seven Flowers’ asks you to choose seven different but fragrant flowers with all thorns removed from any stems.  These should be seven flowers that are freshly open.  Run a bath and add two cups Epsom salts and float the flowers on the water for twenty minutes.  Refresh and refill the tub to the temp you like it and soak for another twenty minutes yourself.  You will emerge energized and refreshed with a calmed mind, a cleansed body and the ability to enhance any Feng Shui cure you put into place.  And, well, with Venus and Mercury hooking up on this same day too, you just might want to energize and enhance a LOVE cure since that same emotion is in the air!  Maybe this bath for two?  Just sayin’…

MAY 8 - Mother’s Day and the Moon’s in Gemini, the twins!  Two, two, two gifts for dear old mom!  Two stalks of bamboo in a vase or container and positioned in your ROMANCE AND RELATIONSHIP area will bring a boost of spectacular energies to her love life.  OR three rosemary plants in the kitchen on a sill can bring her a boost to her bottom line when they grow her financial independence.  Either or both of these gifts both magical and miraculous.  She gave you the miracle of life.  You can at least repay the favor.  Give mom a miracle on Mother’s Day.  Yup, that should do it.  Make you the favorite that is!

MAY 11 - A truly super SUPER STELLAR DAY!  An uber duper SUPER STELLAR DAY!  A caterpillar to butterfly transformational SUPER STELLAR DAY!  You know the rest right?  That you can only get this information by being one of the empowered elite who receive the monthly newsletter right?   Sign up NOW!

MAY 12 - Aggressive and dynamic Mars sextiling nebulous Neptune and causing inspirations and artistic ideas to take up serious real estate in your psyche before picking up some serious speed in real life.  Locate your CHILDREN/CREATIVITY area and put an image of a rainbow there.  This ‘Seven Rainbow Color System’ uses all the colors of the rainbow to activate blessings and boons where your creative efforts are concerned while also asking for assistance from higher forces for these same endeavors.  Pot ‘o gold practically guaranteed.

MAY 16 - Mercury the Messenger whispering sumptin’ sumptin’ to fantasy fueled Neptune right before Venus gets in on the action and sextiles Neptune too.  Speaking of action, the PERFECT day for you to get really clear on a specific intention and then take an empowering action step to push those energies into manifestation.  Write what you want on four index cards. Position one each on the bathroom mirror, the front of the fridge or on any kitchen cabinet, at your bedside and next to you during the day.  Leave in place for 27 days.  ONE CLEAR INTENTION.  FOUR PRO-ACTIVE TRIGGERS.  HAPPY, HAPPY YOU!

MAY 17 - Full Moon in Scorpio lifting the lid on buried secrets and buried feelings too.  Purge and purify the past by engaging in authentic and honest emotional discussions about partnering hopes, wishes dreams.  NO better time than today to wear your heart on your sleeve.  And you might want to put a pair of amethyst or rose quartz shaped hearts in the ROMANCE area of your bedroom and shine a light on them before getting all lit from within your own self.  Oh, and did I say to let go of the past?  Yeah, I thought so.

MAY 20 - Entrepreneurial Mars and Mercury the Messenger taking a meeting as they trine the uber powerful Pluto.  Now since Mercury is also conjunct Mars and with all this action occurring in luxury loving Taurus this will be the SINGLE MOST POWERFUL DAY THIS WHOLE MONTH to make money from your business.  Turn on the front lights, inside and out, and leave them on the whole day.  Illuminate the path for opportunity and, then, go forth and prosper.  Don’t forget you can always raise your desk a few inches by propping it on small pieces of wood and then adjust your chair to same.  That’s the secret, secret Shui that gives your business the BIGGEST boost evuh!

MAY 21 - Sun enters Gemini.  Good times, good times.  Venus hooks up with Pluto.  Better times, better times.  Might be the most rockin’ romantic day of the entire month if the Sun wasn’t squaring off against Neptune.  Love is in the air, but, will it stay that way?  Is it really real or just your imagination runnin’ away with you?  I’d say a little of both but that wouldn’t stop me from wearing a little blend of equal amounts of rose, jasmine, bergamot and damiana essential oils (a drop or two at most) added to a quarter cup of almond oil and used as an attractive attracting cologne/perfume.  Nope, wouldn’t stop me from wearing this COME TO ME oil at all.

MAY 22 - Sexy, sultry, lovuh to the stars, Venus, conjuncts her consort Mars.  In Taurus.  Let the sexy, the sultry and the sensual continue.  See yesterday’s advice and remember, slippery when wet.

MAY 24 - It’s the Sun’s turn.  Sun sextiling unpredictable Uranus and boy O boy are they both happy.  So you can probably go ahead and expect the unexpected.  While you’re doing that same thing you can probably go ahead and expect that the unexpected is about to make you pretty happy too.  Or you can call it in the Flo Shinn way:  “I expect the unexpected, my glorious good NOW comes to pass.”  Nine times when you wake up, nine more at noon and nine before you go to bed.  Look at you all potent and powerful!  I couldn’t be more proud!

MAY 28 - Moon conjunct Jupiter and you know what that means right?  FUN, FUN, FUN, FUN and big adventures to follow!  For all the holiday weekend long!  Remember that rainbow you put in the CHILDREN/CREATIVITY earlier in the month.  Go on over and take four big, deep, belly breaths.  Blow each one into the rainbow infusing it with mana.  And your life with FUN.  Times four!

March 31 2011

Em-Power Days, April 2011

My, oh my, looking at the energies accorded to this April you might have thought that it was the Oracle at Delphi or even old Nostradamus himself calling this the cruelest month.  As it were it might even seem as if T.S. Eliot maybe wasn’t so ‘wasted’ but possibly part of Apollo’s  Pythia and given the gift of second sight?  Don’t know.  What I do know is that I’ve done a couple of double takes myself trying to make heads or tails of the flopsy mopsy topsvy turvey energies of a month so strongly associated with rabbits running around carrying baskets full of eggs.  You’ll be walking on the shells of those last incredible edibles for most of April, that much I’m pretty darn sure of as well.  For all rest, well what would I be betting on if I were a betting woman?  Now, as a former commodities trader I’m not too risk averse, so, hmm, let’s see here.  And now.  Actually, I’d bet the farm that all those rapid advances and breakthroughs we’ve been witnessing in the Arab world and beyond will now settle into slow struggles of resurrection and rebuild.  Apropos for April as well.  I’d also bet that the cosmic wildcards we’ve seen influencing and impacting Mother Nature on a global scale reach crescendo proportions again this month when frustrating delays and unanticipated restraints cause a collective consciousness to blow.  Nature follows suit.  And then April gives way to potentially one of the best and brightest days of this whole entire year.  I whip my hair back and forth, I whip my hair back and forth.  Preaching to the choir there Ms.Willow.  But it was Eliot’s lilac’s rising from the dead that raised his hopes and so as we head to April’s end, like lilacs, we too can see the first stirrings of sweet relief on the horizon.  The head banging harsh energies that accompany the first few weeks give way to an almost unifying cyclical and seasonal experience that is both energizing and exciting.  Later on.  Trying times ahead to be sure but if you can just tighten that belt a teensy bit more and get back to basics you will exit April embracing a bit more personal safety and security than you ever thought possible just a few short shite weeks ago.  Who cares what the thunder said as long as there is lightning at the end of the tunnel.  And there is.  I’d wager big on that too.  Real, real big.

Something Wiki this way comes when prognosticators and predictions alike propose a major news leak this month causing a flood of commotion while aiding and abetting a Truth movement already underway.  Everyone’s a Twitter when this new truth aligns to set us free from hierarchy and henchmen who vouchsafe to keep sensitive security issues away from the masses and their pesky want for common knowledge.  As for financials, all aboard the asset inflation express!  Watch the New Moon on April 3 for another time in which Mother Nature could erupt or watch the 11th and the 18th for two times when we all could.  Extremes in both tempers and temperatures with war and rumors of war still wreaking havoc with jittery stock markets around the world.  Look to invest your energies elsewhere until April 20.  All bets are on after that.  See, told you I was a betting gal.

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And, now, your Empowering Days of April:

APRIL 2 - Venus slippin’ and slidin’ and then grindin’ all over uber powerful Pluto.  After all that sextilin’ you might just need some time to regroup and refresh.  These planets providin’ energies that ask you to pamper your person in order to refuel and refill.  Massage, meditation or even a Chi enhancing bath will wash those winter blues right down the drain while putting the spring back in your step.  Add seven seasonal flowers to your bathwater (all and any thorns removed, of course) and let them soak for twenty minutes before you do exactly the same.  OR you can use this South American Shamanic bath that promises peace, good fortune and harmony of the soul:  Add handfuls of each of the following to your bathwater…comfrey, marigolds and Aire sacha (or balm) if you can find it.  Comfrey for protection and luck, marigolds for restoration and healing of the soul and Aire sacha for bringing balance while banishing negativity.  Rub them over your body as you soak.  Buh bye winter, hellooooooooo happy spring!

APRIL 3 - New Moon in Aries or a brand spanking new start to another astrological year!  This is THE day to start creating your Treasure Maps while also creating your fabulous future at the exact same time.  And whatever you do, don’t forget to include the secret symbol on your Vision Board that I’ll be including on my blog today. HAPPY New Year!  Redux.

APRIL 4 - Stop the pressures, um, I mean the presses!  Nebulous Neptune enters spiritual Pisces for the first time since it was last stationed there from 1847 to 1862.  It will stay in Pisces now until 2026!  Even my wee one will be out of college by then!  I hope anyway.  Speaking of hope….Pisces this is a life altering changing of the guard for you!  And Aquarius this planet that promises to sometimes confuse FINALLY leaves your 2nd House of Income after clouding that same space for the last TWELVE YEARS!  Security returns to support your bottom line and you will never again in your lifetime have to endure the ups and downs in your finances that niggling Neptune caused!  Welcome Neptune in Pisces by putting his glyph (google image Neptune’s glyph) down at your front entryway in cornmeal.  Let it blow away on its own.  As in almost everything else, size doesn’t matter.  Hey, I said almost.

For many, many, MANY of us quite possibly THE best and most extraordinary day of the entire year.  You know what to do right?  Access the Super Stellar link in my April newsletter to find your super secret way to make the best of a great situation.  And if you don’t get my newsletter than you don’t get this info.  For the life of me I can’t figure out why?   Go to www.ellenwhitehurst.com and sign up NOW!

APRIL 11 - Mercury the retrograding Messenger speaking in tongues while conjuncting expansive Jupiter in aggressive, entrepreneurial Aries.  What’s it all mean?  Communications are given a much needed and really gratifying boost.  Just make sure that your communications get a big boost and NOT a big blast since soe of the other energies of this day, including the ones attributed to warrior Mars could provoke explosions and anger, arguments, intensity and violence.  Uh oh.  Six smooth crystal balls (glass marbles will do) placed on a small and rounded mirror in the living room will leave you protected and poised for promotion.  Everyone else will have to fend for themselves.  Make sure one of the six smooth crystal clear balls is made of quartz to exponentially increase your chances of heightened personal power and PEACE!

APRIL 18 - Uh oh.  Again.  Mars marching on Saturn. No Fly Zone.  Meaning nothing will fly today.  Nothing.   Did I say ‘Uh oh’ yet?  Irritation and maybe more anger from delays and restrictions spills over into a need for immediate action.  Patience.  Planning.  Channel the energies in the air into constructive construction and continue completing the Treasure Map you started on this month’s New Moon.  Ideally your Vision Board, begun on the New Moon should be somewhat completed at the following Full one.  This is a day that practically promises ridiculous reward for disciplined efforts, so, go on now, get efforting!

APRIL 19 - Mercury conjunct Mars triggers tensions and temper tantrums.  Step away from the drama.  And the family, friends, co-workers and colleagues too.  BTW, you should also stay on the DL and watch your ps and qs as well.  Bygones.  Then call on the big guns to shoot this shit to smithereens.  According to JoAnn Cornug’s ORIGINAL TRIBE it’s Angel Labbiel we’re looking for today.  According to her and according to legend, Labbiel is an aspect of Archangel Gabriel who will, with truth in one hand and peace in the other, resolve conflict, sooth the aching Spirit and rain down Grace when called.  Might as well call him don’t you think?  “Labbiel, Labbiel, Labbiel…I call forth truth and peace in my world…now and continuously.”  Should be your mantra ALL mid-month long!  Keep this prayer handy for April 30th too.  Just sayin’…you should be too.

APRIL 22 - All you need is love.  Love is a many splendid thing.  Love, love, love.  Venus conjunct Uranus and LOVE is in the air.  Literally.  In the air. To attract a new love or draw an existing relationship closer: Take two pink candles and put them in clear glass, white ceramic or even crystal holders and designate one the female and one the male.  Then tie them together at the base with 27 inches of red thread, ribbon, string or yarn leaving about a foot of space between them.  Every morning untie the knots and move the holders a little closer together before retying the knots.  Burn the candles for a few seconds while visualizing your ideal love life.  Blow the candle out and continue the next day.  Eventually the candle holders will touch.  On that day allow the candles to burn all the way down.  After this happens leave the holders bound together for seven more consecutive days before dismantling the cure.  Gonna get you some love lucky now alright. Definitely gonna get you some LOVE lucky now!

APRIL 23 - After one of the most trying and testy Mercury retrogrades in recent memory that planet of communications FINALLY FREAKIN’ MOVES FORWARD!  With a happy and harmonious Venus once again coming on strong and then hooking up wtih big ole powerful Pluto this is also a fine day to attract both money and love.  I think Florence Shinn summed it up best when she said, “The floodgates of my good NOW open.”  You might want to spend this day saying that same thing.  Nine times out loud when you wake and then another nine times at noon.  Nine times once again before it’s lights out and off to sleep you go.  SWEET DREAMS.  No, really, SWEET DREAMS.

APRIL 25 - Quarter Moon in Aquarius brings a welcome wave of relief from recent tense, angry, frazzled and frustrating energies.  Couldn’t come at a better time either.  With the Moon ever so slightly SEXtiling Venus (it’s like being a little bit pregnant) there is enough love and peace to go around.  GREAT energies for healing relationships and rifts that may have boiled over in the past few weeks.  LOVE might mean never having to say you’re sorry in Erich Segal’s world, but here in the real one a sincere apology can mend fences faster than anything else.  OR you can write the name of the person you peeved in green ink on white paper.  Fold into quarters and put that paper in any receptacle that has a lid (a jar?) and then completely cover with honey.  Seal the lid and leave on a kitchen counter for the next nine nights straight.  Each evening light a small white candle close to the jar and send healing, loving energies to the other party.  In eight days time you’ll be celebrating your friendship all over again.

APRIL 29 - Wills and Kate say “I DO” …with a Brit accent.  No other astro energies to speak of while those two do the talking.

APRIL 30 - Venus opposing Saturn.  ALL work and NO play might make Jack a dull boy but, today, that credo will also allow him most favored status.  Follow suit or risk making the ones that pay you pissed off.  And then put the Feng Shui image of Monkey on Horse’s Back in your CAREER area and leave it there for the next three days.  After that transplant it to FAME for the foreseeable.  Don’t know where CAREER and FAME are?   Go to www.ellenwhitehurst.com and hit the BAGUA link.  Better that monkey be on the horse’s back then on yours right?  Besides while he’s perched there he brings you promotion, recognition and rewards.  Good monkey. 

March 19 2011

Em-Power Days, March 2011

Southern humorist George Grizzard once pondered that “Springtime is the land awakening. The March winds are the morning yawn.” Yes, yes, the earth is stirring, because that’s what it does, in March, it stirs.  The proverbial pot maybe?  A month that even when the sun shines hot can still find chill winds blowing cold.  OR blowing change more likely.  All due to Uranus, the planet aligned and entirely associated with the unexpected lining up with a bunch of Scheat.  The last time we saw this much Scheat there were catastrophic weather conditions affecting Pakistan, China and Brazil.  This Sheaty fixed star also historically influences masses of people standing up to governments and general strikes against authority.  What to do, oh, what to do?  I know, Betelguese! Betelguese! Betelguese!  No, not the first Batman kind but the militant fixed star one that’s also indicating some uprising in Iraq in the near.  Especially March 7.  And the 9th  too.  At least he tells what to expect.  Betelguese, Batman…either way there are signals in the skies.  Pay attention.  Oh, wait, that’s my job. 

More Scheat ahead when tensions on the world stage are again triggered on March 19.  Good thing there’s not anything as close to a numbing agent as a sunny spring day!  Is it spring in Pakistan on that day?  Sure do hope so.  Might help.  Never mind how much I don’t even want to think about what might be in store over there in Oz.  At least with more water they’ll all be able to see over the rainbow.  Or at least the silver lining?  Look, every 20 years Jupiter and Saturn see fit to duke it out high in the heavens and we watch as new cultural, political and economic situations mark the beginning of new and (hopefully) evolving cycles.  Sublime in scope, these circumstances can either see the emergence of leaders who commune for the common good.  Leaders who value life.  And common human decency and well-being for one and all.  Out with the old and in with the new.  OR not.  How very apropos for March, eh?  One foot in Feb and the other stepping in Scheat.  So the question is which way will these winds of change blow?  Let’s hope towards a vision of a bright and evolving new world.  Birthing beautiful new energies associated with freedom and rights for every citizen on the planet.  Growth. Glad.  Spring.  Let’s HOPE anyway, okay?

One last for the financials that are also blowing this way and that during this blustery month ‘O March.  No luck for the Irish or any other currency I’m afraid except for the Swiss Franc which now gets all that flight to quality we used to see reserved for our Reserve.  Buh bye dollar although you’ll have a few more years to keep packing.  At least as the reigning king of standard world currency.  And oil?  Who knows.  What with Uranus causing crisis and chaos everywhere.  Changes in the markets ahead will be directly predicated by who wears the crown.  Or not.  Literally.  Again, let’s HOPE for best and keep our cards close to the vest.  Especially the little square plastic ones.  Hey, don’t say I didn’t warn you.  Especially after Mercury goes retrograde on the 30th.  Mark your calendars and change your OUTLOOK.

It’s not all doom and dark on the Earth’s breast this month though.  Gorgeous and great days enthuse and inspire early on.  And what’s that spectacular news coming out of the blue for you on the 9th?  Of course, THANK GOD for the Super Stellar Day mid-month.  Wait!  What do you mean you don’t know what I’m talking about?  Quick, hurry, get over to my website at www.ellenwhitehurst.com and sign up for the monthly newsletter.  That way you’ll get your very own link for that same exciting info mailed directly to you each month.  And all you have to do is subscribe.  Whaddaya waiting for?  Here, now, the rest of the expect:

MARCH 1 - Loving and lovely Venus hooking up (yes, in THAT way!) with unpredictable Uranus in a va-va-voom of a sextile.  What about you?  Are you ready to risk it all for love?  Or at least take an itty bitty chance?  With Venus entering Aquarius today too, there are really great energies afoot that might poke you to take some serious steps towards finding ‘the one.’  It’s just a day drenched in love energies and if you haven’t put a cluster of clear quartz crystals in the ROMANCE area of your bedroom and positioned them either atop or nearby to a DOUBLE HAPPINESS symbol and, then, if you’re not shining a light on the whole shebang (accent on ‘bang’) then don’t blame me.  I can only lead the horse to love, I can’t make it drink it all in.  Stop being such a neighsayer and let the planets push love your way.  It’s crystal clear to me that today is THAT day!

MARCH 3 - Aggressive, entrepreneurial Mars making hay with uber powerful Pluto but what could all this yang possibly promise you?  GREAT business talks and opportunities to shine on the professional front.  Don’t look back.  And be sure to light at least three red candles in your FAME area today.  Business talks shouldn’t be the only things glowing today if you want to take total advantage.  And you do want to take total advantage right?  So, if you got ‘em, light ‘em.  And if you don’t, get ‘em.  Get me?  Good, now go get your just desserts!  With whipped cream on top!  Just for you!  Yum.

MARCH 4 - New Moon in Pisces.  Water.  Water.  Everywhere.  See yesterday’s tip to balance out these overemotional energies and also to bring those brilliant, bright, innovative, genius ideas of yours onto the center stage where they belong.  If you can think it, if you can dream it, you can be it.  Time to take those sweet dreams out of your head and into the marketplace.  You’re on….well….what else….fire!

MARCH 9 - Good thing that Mercury the Messenger has wings to fly because he’s extra special busy today.  First conjuncting unpredictable, surprising, spontaneous, electric Uranus and then entering Aries.  First things first.  And last.  Both events scream EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED.  So, let’s do.  And then let’s take a proactive page from one of my master teachers, Florence Scovel Shinn.  Your mantra for March; “I expect the unexpected.  My seemingly impossible good NOW comes to pass.”  And, then, it will.  Especially if you write (in red) and recite nine times three times throughout these days.  Morning, noon and night.  Expect the unexpected but CREATE your seemingly impossible good NOW coming to pass.  Ah, you just gotta love this stuff!

MARCH 10 - SUPER STELLAR DAY Runner Up!  Venus, planet of love, money, beauty, money, romance and, did I say money?  Well she’s in a really good mood, frisky even.  And she’s pouring all that creamy goodness out on generous, jubilant, joy-FULL Jupiter.  Honestly, if you don’t go somewhere and do something fun today I’ll come there and get you my own self.  Of course it won’t hurt to wear a little “GETTING LUCKY IN LOVE” oil.  Gives greater confidence and power in lovemaking, or, could be used to attract that same scenario into your life.  Oh la love!  Ingredients and recipe on today’s blog post at http://ellenwhitehurst.tumblr.com/ 

MARCH 11 - Electric, unpredictable Uranus enters Aries for the first time since 1927-1935.  Uranus will remain in Aries until 2019.  If you are an Aries, I would download an image of any glyph associated with Uranus and make fast friends with it by keeping it somewhere around you, somewhere where you can see it.  Send it golden energies from your inner being and be sure that Uranus acts in your best interest and on your behalf.  For all the rest of us, today is a day to construct that same glyph, in cornmeal, on the threshold or front entryway of your living space.  It will blow away on it’s own.  Remember?  March?  Winds of change?  Make sure they blow your way!

MARCH 13 - Mercury squaring off against a pissed off Pluto.  Keep your opinions to yourself.  No! Really!  Keep it zipped. Unless you’re opening wide to drink some of that magical elixir that promise people who drink it to think sweet thoughts and say sweet words while forgetting all about their problems and their pain.  Pretty much will make you forget about anger too.  A little almond and a little saffron boiled together in milk and drink it down.  You’ll never cry over this spilt milk but you might if you offer unsolicited comments and advice.  Consider yourself warned.

MARCH 15 - Mercury and Jupiter whooping it up!  So, of course, it’s….SUPER STELLAR DAY!  You know the drill.  You can only get this magical, mystical, empowering and exciting info if you subscribe to the newsletter.  Go on now, ellenwhitehurst.com and don’t be without again.  Can’t get it ANY place else.  A FIVE STAR SUPER STELLAR DAY!  Woo hoo!

MARCH 18 - Mercury opposing stinkeye Saturn.  If you MUST sign use the Feng Shui ‘Prosperity Signature.’  Start the first letter of your first name slanting UP and to the right and end the last letter of you last name the same way.  ENTIRE signature should slant up and to the right.  It’s not politics, it’s prosperity!  Otherwise, don’t sign.

MARCH 19 - Full Moon in Virgo.  Keep an eye on Pakistan and pray to Angel Labbiel for TRUTH and PEACE.    With truth in one hand and peace in the other, at least according to Cornug’s ORIGINAL TRIBE handbook of angels, Labbiel resolves conflict, soothes an otherwise aching Spirit and rains Grace when called.  Considering how much water might be involved with these Full Moon energies I’d say he’s our angel!  “Labbiel, Labbiel, Labbiel.  I call forth truth and peace in my world.  Now and continuously.”  Call your karma too!  Good for you.  Good for ALL of us.  Amen.

MARCH 20 - Sun shines on and then enters Aries so that must mean the first day of Spring.  Nine oranges, skins pulled and peeled and torn into pieces.  Soaking in Spring water overnight.  Tomorrow, open all the windows and the doors and, starting at the front one, walk about your living space in a clockwise direction, flicking this orange water EVERYWHERE!  Down on the floor and up on the ceiling.  The walls, the air and especially in the corners.  When you’re done, you can go room by room doing same thing or you can just pour a bit of this water down every drain in the house (don’t forget to flush) before pouring out the last of it in the kitchen sink.  You can follow by using the smoke from sage to cleanse and clear as well or even clapping out the corners.  But this citrus cleanse is quite enough.  WELCOME SPRINGTIME!  Hope and growth and happiness, flowers and young love.  WELCOME SPRINGTIME indeed!

MARCH 21 - Sun conjuncts that unpredictable Uranus creating a fine day for you to create your best life blueprint.  Especially if you’re in business for yourself.  Entrepreneurs, this one’s for you.  Download an image of the main headquarters of your bank and position it in back of you.  You should already have an image of a mountain there, but, now, the bank will have your back too.  Two, two, two tips in one.  And, if entrepreneur or not, if you didn’t cleanse and clear old energies yesterday you still have time today!

MARCH 26 - Venus and Neptune happily hooking up.  See oil recipe on my March 10 blog post and think about if you want to get lucky tonight your own self.  Careful though, slippery when wet.

MARCH 28 - Sun squaring off against powerful and persnickety Pluto.  Jupiter opposing cranky Saturn.  Stay centered, stay calm and stay out of everyone else’s drama. If you do CHOOSE to be involved be sure to have all the evidence and supportive data you can find to state your case in a convincing way.  Hold the vision and your faith.  Oh and did I say to stay away from other people’s dramas?  Keep yourself surrounded by a violet flame all this long day and you’ll walk away from today’s heated circumstances unscathed.

MARCH 30 - Mercury going retrograde today until April 23.  Back up your computer, don’t make any large purchases and whatever you do, don’t sign any MAJOR paperwork.  But you can begin to pull your images and whatever else you’d like to use on your new 2011 Treasure Map.  Use these weeks to reflect.  What do you want in the coming year?  Symbolize that in pictures.  Soon enough we’ll be constructing your new and improved Vision Board.  For today though, just don’t drop your cell in the toilet or the washing machine or rivers, streams or canals…..after all, it IS Mercury retrograde!  Let that planet stall.  We’re moving onward! And looking at April 3 to begin anew and again!  GO US GO!

January 31 2011

Em-Power Days, February 2011

Hearts and flowers and February.  Yes, yes, love is a many splendid thing and, of course, love does lift us up where we belong and lest you forget all you need IS love.  Love.  Love.  Love.  Is that all there is?  The answer to that is a resounding “YES!”  But not for the reasons you might think.  Oh, okay, in homage to the zeitgeist of the month I will put my stamp on that ubiquitous letter from Paul to the Corinthians.  You know the one, and, if you don’t, I’ll marry it to some of my comments here in its original e-pistle form.  Whether paying Peter or not, these words hold invaluable advice:  “Love is always patient and kind; love is never jealous; love is not boastful or conceited, it is never rude and never seeks its own advantage, it does not take offence or store up grievances.  Love does not rejoice at wrongdoing, but finds its joy in the truth.”  Because that last thing, my friends, will set you free.  So will love, by the way.  And you just can’t put a (Kelly) Price on that.  Because just like her, “I believe, I believe that love, yeah, yeah Love sets you free.”  I also believe, like Sir Paul himself (the other love bug) that in the end, “the love you take is equal to the love you make.”  This month, go make some love.  Why?  I just told you, because you actually CAN take it with you.

The financial astrology of this month appears a bit more skittish as both gold and silver continue to make the case for bearish divergences suggesting, temporarily at least, that the shine is off the penny.  And the spotlight may just then be on the dollar.  And even though corn and beans are beckoning Jack to come climb them to the skies, a bumper crop might be in store, so, Old MacDonald, lock in your prices now so you can ee, eye, ee, eye, OH the way to the bank.  Whether or not stocks head higher will be determined by how far up the debt ceiling can go, so, let’s look for prices to push up against it and maybe even blow right through any proverbial glass one, boosting and bringing indices higher. At least until late May.  At least.

If you want to know what this month holds in store for YOU, check out your monthly Shuistrology on my Facebook page, under the NOTES icon.

And this month’s SUPER STELLAR DAY is February 9.  For darn good reason too.  And you know that YOU are the empowered elite who can only find out why if you’re a subscriber to my monthly newsletter!  LUCKY you (and you WILL get lucky this month if you follow the Super Stellar advice!)  If you don’t get that letter, why, I oughta…whaddaya waiting for?  Sign up now www.ellenwhitehurst.com.

Now, speaking of getting lucky……Ellen Whitehurst’s Enchanted Love Charm.  Enough said.  Coming soon to an eblast near you.  It’s February and love might be in ample supply but this inventory is limited so keep your eyes, ears and HEART open!

And, now, the February Empowering Days:

FEBRUARY 1 - Oh, a frisky Venus starts off this love month by SEX-tiling imaginative Neptune.  Her Karma veddy, veddy Sutra today and spilling out all over the rest of us.  Fantasies are fueled and even fulfilled by an active imagination so set aside the day to dream.  Visualize, visualize, visualize and then anchor the affects by putting an image of Dragon/Phoenix in the relationship area of your main floor.  The outcome will be epic and mythical.  Leave them there for nine days.  At least.  Epic.  Mythical.

FEBRUARY 2 - New Moon in Aquarius (only two more months to bring illumination to our Treasure Maps before we construct brand new ones.  You know the drill, if you got ‘em, light ‘em!)  Venus squaring off against uber unpredictable Uranus so expect the unexpected especially where your love, money or good hair is concerned.  Take control of the uncontrollable by invoking the intercession with this Scovel Shinn affirmation:  “The unexpected happens and my seemingly impossible good NOW comes to pass.”  Take that Uranus, we’re ready for whatever you got.  Oh, and, don’t forget that Mercury the Messenger sextiles Uranus today too, so, the written word can come to life.  Write that affirmation NINE times today.  Three times after you awake, three again at the mid-day and three more before you go to bed.  Might want to do that for three days too!  In red, of course.  No room to talk about what to do on Chinese New Year’s Eve so you’ll have to check the blog.

FEBRUARY 3 - GONG HEY FAT CHOY!    Wishes and resolution redux!  Carefully write on red paper with red pen on seemingly impossible dream - - like getting married and having a family within the year even if you are soooo single at the moment.  OR your reso could be running your own profitable prosperous business inside the next nine months even though you’re unemployed now.  Oh, just trust me.  Resolve and then place it in a red envelope (has to be red to bring the reso to life!) and burn it.  One wish per.  Serve FORTUNE cookies at supper for super luck in this next New Year and eat oranges, salmnon and cabbage for Health, Happiness, Prosperity.  This is your New Year do-over so do do and before plating the pu pu.  HAPPY NEW YEAR.  Again.

FEBRUARY 5 - Mercury the Messenger sextiles jubilant, generous Jupiter.  If you’ve been thinking about putting an app on your menu of services, that should be the first thing you chew on today.  Digital / electronic communications are front and center, they sparkle and shine.  Do something to bring your brand or business (or your personal pursuits) into the digital age.  Because, well, with the Sun trining and shining on Saturn, WHATEVER plans you put into effect today promise to last way past tomorrow!  WAAAAY past.  Forever and ever.  Amen.

FEBRUARY 6 - Aggressive, ambitious Mars teams up with, oh, wait, I mean, trines up with a genial Saturn suggesting that other collaborations, partnerships and pairings might just stand the test of time as well.  With Venus putting away her credit card while she squares off against expansive Jupiter, while you’re putting that new partnership in place you’ll also be finding some faboo shopping bargains.  And, then, after a long day of bargain hunting, why not bathe in bath of parsley and basil.  A few handfuls of each will wash your financial worries right down the drain and then will cook the books in the most delicious way.

FEBRUARY 9 - SUPER STELLAR DAY.  Click the icon in the newsletter and then learn why you’re going to LOVE this day while everyone around LOVES you!  If you haven’t subscribed to the newsletter do it right now at www.ellenwhitehurst.com.  It’s the ONLY place you’ll find this truly empowering info!

FEBRUARY 14 - Sweet hearts.  Valentine’s Day.  Moon in Cancer.  Sweet hearts.  Tender.  Emotional.  Mercury whispering sweet somethings into the ear of Saturn and promising a great love that can last forever and ever.  You too.  Cluster of quartz crystals in the ROMANCE area of your bedroom.  Shine a light on them.  Right next to where you’re going to place THE DOUBLE HAPPINESS SYMBOL as well.  Twice as effective.  Sweet.  Hearts.  Double.  Happiness.  Twice the romance, twice as fast.  GO!

FEBUARY 17 - Sun conjunct Neptune so let your imagination SHINE, BABY, SHINE!  Not only does your creativity have wings, apparently Cupid is out and about using his again as well.  Romance and creativity in the air, COME TO ME OIL should be on your body.  That recipe on today’s blog.  Careful, slippery when oooooooh so wet.

FEBRUARY 18 - A bright Sun slides into spiritual Pisces while the Full Moon rises in Leo and Venus squares off against Saturn.  What does it all mean?  Be more realistic and practical especially where love and money are both concerned.  DO put an infinity symbol, drawn in gold ink on red paper, in the WEALTH area of your home to earn more of aforementioned both!

February 25 - Optimistic Jupiter squares off against party pooping Pluto.  Now’s the time to take a good, hard, long look at some project, plan or goal and either amend it, update it or finally let it go altogether.  Time to shit or get off the pot.  OR put some uncooked rice in it.  With the Sun sextiling Pluto you can get an unexpected assist from a higher-up if you decide to get rid of excess negativity.  Take any ceramic pot or earthenware container (can even be a coffee cup or mug) and fill seventy percent full of uncooked rice.  Top it off with sea or rock salt and place that either in your kitchen or in your office.  Do not cover it.  Leave this Sha Chi absorbent in place for one month and then dispose of the mixture in a brown paper bag anywhere outside your house.  With Mercury sextiling Pluto today as well a meeting with a mentor or advisor brings brilliant results.  Schedule same.  You might just want to put that mug ‘o mentor luck in the HELPFUL PEOPLE area in order to absorb and unwanted energies in that space too?  Just go for the gusto and get some higher help from above.

Don’t forget to find out your personal horoscope for February on my Facebook page!  It’s where intention meets manifestation and you can experience your extraordinary life!  Shuistrology under the NOTES link, www.facebook.com/EllenWhitehurst

January 1 2011

Em-Power Days, January 2011 

Hanukkah, Solstice, Christmas, Kwanza et al, the time of rebirth and rejoicing is done while the one aligned with rejuvenation and re-choicing has only just begun!  THIS is the time to announce your readiness to CHOOSE what it is that you want to come waltzing into your life in 2011.  Celebrate and twirl to this burgeoning birth while deciding as well to choose a simpler yet MORE rewarding year ahead.  Embrace Health, Happiness, Prosperity and Love and hold them tight as you circle and cycle around 2011!  Ah, yes,  NOW is the perfect time to celebrate and rechoice, to complete one cycle around the ground floor while beginning to build another one anew.  One filled with possibility and potential, two for the price of eleven.  Resolve to be authentic and whole.  Decide who and what will fill your dance card and then watch as an entirely new world unfolds.  Yes, yes, rechoice and then succeed.  For whatever it is that you are ready to succeed in, the Universe is ready to give you.  Remembering that celebration, long the order of the January (first) day, brings nothing but more to celebrate into your life. The magnetic force field that attracts expanded experiences and the first gift of a year that promises to keep on giving and giving and giving all the twelve months long.  IF that is what you choose, of course.  Rechoice!  Rechoice!  And, then, you’ll have so much more to choose from!  During the HAPPIEST 2011 of all!

And, although I might avoid predicting more dire financial earthquakes and aftershocks affecting stock markets around the world, I will say that literal earthquakes and more volcanic eruptions, especially in Icelandic areas could dwarf the gradual yet growing concerns over there in the Koreas.  The view from the stars say that temporary downturns during the next major long-term run up in financials (starting late 2011) will push US into a possible, dramatic and volatility supported escalation.  Until 2016, of course, when ALL bets are off and Chicken Little and I will be hiding in a Big, BIG way.  Which is why I will start to prepare now.  Because when a recovery is built on unsustainable economic policies, the boom eventually busts (short term memory called for here) and the sky will fall.  Starting in 2016.  The Euro debt crisis only appears under control but, everything is cyclical my friends, so what has recently gone down is about to head higher.  Capitalize (literally) on the rising financials in the next few years to come while (and as always) avoiding excessive risk.  You’re welcome.  And Happy, Healthy and PROSPEROUS (end of) New Year!

But what about YOU?  What will 2011 hold in store for you?  Get all the good and the not so good (hey, on that last part, you DO know I wouldn’t leave you drifting out there all alone right?) and get ALL THE GREAT and SECRET SYMBOLS that will make the good even better and the not so good disappear!  That’s right, you need to MAKE THIS YOUR LUCKY YEAR by going to www.ellenwhitehurst.com and clicking on that yearly report icon to ORDER YOUR COPY NOW!  HURRY too because after January those reports will no longer be available at this low price!  Find out if love will make your heart race faster or if more money will have you laughing all the way to the bank or when a big burst of happiness and joy will put an even bigger smile on your face!  Go here now and order your copy of MAKE THIS YOUR LUCKY YEAR!  You’ll be oh so lucky that you did!  www.ellenwhitehurst.com

 JANUARY 4 - SUPER STELLAR DAY!  Right from the ‘get-go’ this year gets off to a SUPER and STELLAR start!  Plus, a secret Feng Shui cure I’ve never, ever, ever shared before! But you know the drill.  You can ONLY get these secrets in that newsletter.  Believe me, it’ll be worth it to know this cure the whole year through.  Sign up.  Hit the newsletter link on the top of the home page.  And if you don’t get the jam packed monthly newsletter, well, no better gift than the present! Sign up now!   www.ellenwhitehurst.com

JANUARY 7 - Venus entering Sag while the Orthodox Greek celebrate Christmas.  Sounds all good so far right?  Until we see the Sun squaring Saturn throwing the monkey wrench.  Don’t go bananas signing anything because this deal looks like it’s very slippery, with bruises both above and below the surface and the skin.  CAREFUL.  Take a step back and assess.  And use the sun to your advantage as well.  With palms and arms lifted in the air, turn your head and face the sun.  Imagine the sun embodying the sacred sound of hum and, then, that sound swirling down from that sun and entering your third eye.  It swirls and swooshes through your entire being filling your self with heat and hum.  It exits out the bottom of your feet whereupon you will relax your arms but not your imagination.  Raise arms and palms again and ‘see’ the sun and sound enter through the third eye AND each palm.  Whooshing and rushing to your feet while filling your body with heat and hum. This time though, when it reaches the feet it rebounds and then exits through the tip top crown chakra of the head.  Relax the arms and revivify the imagination.  Arms and palms up, sun and sound reenters body through previous three points and heats up and hums right down to the feet.  Then, it slowly rises up, swirling and enveloping all the organs, sinews and cells with sound and sunlight that heals and then cures.  It pushes negativity and Sha chi upward and outward through that top of the head.  Lower arms and repeat entire process nine times for next nine days.  Do one cycle of three in the morning, a tri-cycle again at midday and then last three in the evening or at bedtime.  Starts this year off so bright that 2011 will need shades.

JANUARY 10 - Mercury the Messenger slipping a tongue in the ear of Neptune the Nebulous.  OHHHH la inspiration spilling out all over the place.  Creative projects can even be birthed before taking on a life of their very own.  Mercury, not quite satisfied, then decides to square off against unpredictable Uranus, a coupling that compels you to watch what you say, how you say it and who you say it to.  Listen up, let your projects do the talking today because your creativity is speaking volumes.  In any window aligned with your ‘CHILDREN / CREATIVITY’ area, hang a round and faceted clear quartz crystal on nine inches of red ribbon, string or thread OR affix an image of a rainbow (with ALL colors) into this same space.  Either way a pot ‘o gold awaits.

JANUARY 11 - Mercury, planet of communications squaring off against Jupiter, planet of fortune and luck.  So confusing.  Mixed messages abound.  Did they REALLY mean what they just said, or, Camille Grammar, did you just hear what you wanted to hear?  Step back and decide, do you REALLY want what you don’t REALLY need?  More confused?  I know.  Join the (astro) crowd.  You really can get clear though by a employing the slightest bit of reflection.  Literally.  If you want it but aren’t sure if you really need it, put a small and rounded mirror between the mattress and the boxspring if your bed at approximately the place that your head rests when you are sleeping.  Each morning, for nine mornings straight, take the mirror out, fog it with your breath, ask your question and then wipe the mirror clear.  Put it back away and be aware, all the days long, of your answer being given/gifted to you.  At the end of the nine days you’ll not only have your information but you’ll have a tool to use for all the rest of your lovely life whenever you need clarity.  Whether or not it’s on the wall, now you’re the fairest of them all.  But put the mirror away in a sacred space until the next time.

JANUARY 12 - Mars SEXtiles Uranus causing ooohs and ahhhs and inspiration, intuition and innovation to marry realistic practicality.  Now, what can those newlyweds do for you?  The coupling of otherworldly ideas with practical application can cause a bulb to go off over your head, but, first, let’s address the one above your bed.  Feng Shui says that changing out the major light source in your bedroom to the brightest wattage/bulb that you can find will bring brilliant inspirations as well as all necessary opportunities to capitalize on same!  Hurry, flip the switch and change your luck!  TODAY!

JANUARY 13 - January 4 might have been crowned Super and Stellar but today is yet another FOUR STAR DAY as well!  Mercury enters Capricorn and Mars sextiles Jupiter - - TODAY is the day that you WILL manifest magic.  It’s your own personal MAKE A WISH day.  Because, when wished for TODAY, that desire, dream or hope in some way, shape of form WILL come true.  Especially if you follow the Wish Rules:  Sit quiet and in calm.  Connect and resonate with something in Nature, looking at something ‘alive’ as your Wish Target.  Close your eyes.  Breathe deeply into your abdomen.  Put your left hand over your heart.  Press your right hand gently but firmly over the left.  Exhale and whisper your wish using EIGHT SHORT WORDS.  Honestly and truly, sometimes there’s just nothing better than being us!

JANUARY 17 - A bright and brilliant Sun getting all hot and bothered and then  sextling an electric Uranus.  The energies are all charged UP and heading UP, UP and away!  Get it?  Things are looking up while higher ups are super supportive too.  Today is all about YOU… your plans, projects, goals and ideas and who and what can move them, well, UP!  Mercury the Messenger conjuncting power-full Pluto as well promising to increase aforementioned energies.  What does it all mean?  Potentially profitable projects are all infused with a double dose of focking possibility and, oh, did I say, POWER?  Get up.  And get lit.  Nine red candles in FAME area.  If you got ‘em, light ‘em.  No ifs, ands or butts.  Burn baby burn!  Because, then, you’ll be burning UP!

JANUARY 19 - Full Moon in Cancer would be enough to make you stay home but, then, the Sun sextiling Jupiter (always a pairing that puts illumination to such good use) also asks you to put the finishing touches on a major plan or project or proposal.  It’s been way too long and enough already.  DO it.  Today.  Then imagine a telly screen hovering over your head.  Inside the main part of this screen is the reality of your life, including this proposal, as you currently know it.  However, in the lower left hand corner is reality as you are creating it to be.  In the lower left hand corner of that screen, imagine or visualize what you would like to see happen in your life as pertains these plans.  Now, inhaling in through the nose, fill your belly with your breath and then BLOW (HARD) that breath or mana into the telly screen also blowing the smaller picture into a bigger one while the bigger one gets more and more filled with static.  Do this four times or until the smaller screen has completely superceded the larger one and that bigger picture has disappeared.  NO more static on this line.  Just stay tuned…you’ll see.

JANUARY 22 - Fabulously fortunate Jupiter moving his fabulously fortuitous energies into entrepreneurial Aries for the first time since 1999 (except for a spit of a visit last year.)  Jupiter will now shower sparkling golden opportunities and clouds backed only by silver linings all over Aries (almost exclusively) until June.  Calling all Aries.  And other Entrepreneurs or professional people.  Start your engines.  And then zoom, vroom all around the globe.  That’s right, place an illuminated globe that shows the countries of the world in the FAME area of home and/or office and encourage HUGE opportunities for both career and future.  Greater still if the globe rotates.  Because what goes around…well, you know the rest.

JANUARY 23 - Venus, planet of love, money and no Botox smooooth skin is sextiling unusually eager and amenable Saturn today.  Even the commitment phobic among us might be inclined to put a ring on it.  Even if he don’t like it.  Yup, even then.  Singleton bachelors take cover, the stars are about to make you walk commitment talk.  Especially if you blow bubbles to the God of Marriage in the Moon.  At dusk.  Visualize yourself and your potential partner inside the bubbles you are blowing and then blow them out and into the Universe.  Imagine these bubbles flying to the moon to invoke that aforementioned deity’s blessings and boons.  Send forth many bubbles and then wait for that special someone to POP the question!  I hope you believe that this stuff does work.  I’ve seen it for myself.  And I believe.  I DO, I DO.

JANUARY 26 - Crapola.  Just crapola.  Dl.  Saturn retrogrades in Libra until June 12.  Not a good thing for any burgeoning business trying to get off the ground or for incorporating for that matter.  As if that weren’t enough, Mercury squaring stanky Saturn.  The writing’s on the wall.  And that’s the ONLY place it should be.  Don’t sign anything.  DO NOT SIGN ANYTHING.  Don’t email me about how today is the only one day of your life you can get something done.  Because even I’ll be cranky as these two are then.  DON’T SIGN ANYTHING and DON’T SAY I DIDN’T WARN YOU.  Say this name over and over and over again, Gaun-shi-yin.  Guan-shi-yin.  You can speak it.  But don’t dare sign…well, you know. 

December 1 2010

Em-Power Days, December 2010

Oh by gosh, by golly, it’s time for mistletoe and holly!  Especially if you are affixing the mistletoe in every corner of your dining room and then looking for abundance and prosperity to push each other out the way trying to kiss you with some coin this holiday season.  Pucker up.   And, of course, if you want to give yourself the ab fab best gift in the world this year you might want to hang with holly for that exact effort, the Bach Holly Flower Essence that is.  A couple of drops under the tongue fosters a sense of trust, connectedness and belonging to the community at large, a perfect love of self, and, then, best of all, “Holly protects us from everything that is not Universal Love.  Holly opens the heart and unites us with Divine Love.”  Four drops under the tongue a couple of times a day unites you with Divine Love.  That about says it all.  Except, maybe, for this…from my grateful heart and humble house to you and yours, HAVE A HAPPY, HEALTHY AND PROSPEROUS holiday season.  And life.  LOVE!

Now don’t forget that there’s one last super secret Shui gift for you and yours in the SUPER STELLAR DAY info this month.  Kid you not, the SUPER STELLAR DAY this year falls on December 25.  Couldn’t have made that up if I tried.  Well, okay, maybe I could have but I didn’t.  Hark and herald the angels are singing on that date and so shall you when you enact that advice contained therein.  But you know the drill, you can only get that info if you get the monthly newsletter with that link.  And if you don’t get the newsletter….HURRY!  www.ellenwhitehurst.com and hit the Sign Up.  HURRY!

Okay, back to the energies swirling around this December!  Fear not!  For, behold, I bring you tidings of great joy!  Well, mostly.

DECEMBER 1 - No astro energies to speak of but today does mark the start of Hannukah after sundown and then this holiday continues through December 9!  During these days quiet and calm and feel the presence of hope, feel the presence of the Light of the World and let it guide you through every darkness in your life.  Light one candle each day, for eight days, starting today and create that same conscious intention.  And then let the LIGHT guide you.  Because, it will.

DECEMBER 2 - Mars is out and about and looking for a holiday hook up and doesn’t he find one in a willing and nebulous Neptune!  There’s so excited that they share this sizzling social energy with all the rest of us.  Through the years we all will be together if the Fates allow, but, just for today don’t worry about tomorrow.  Just get out there and have some fabulous fun.  And wear RED.  Over or under.  WEAR RED.  TODAY.

DECEMBER 3 - Geez, you’d think after last night that Mars would be in a better mood today.  Squaring off against unpredictable and sometimes shocking Uranus.  Watch what you say, how you say it and who you say it too.  The simplest, most innocent statements can be turned against you and cause a major meltdown.  Hey, it IS the holiday season.  Might want to watch for some minor mishaps and accidents too.  Yeah, what fun eh?  But, then again, that’s what I’m here for.  Boil some almonds and some saffron in milk and drink this mixture.  Legend from the East says that whoever drinks this mixture will think sweet thoughts and say sweet words.  They will also forget their anger and their problems too.  Always remember that a very wise old man once said that “A heart is not judged by how much you love; but how much you are loved by others.”  Of course he said that before Dorothy pulled the curtain back, but, I think if you keep it shut today everyone will love you!  Then you’ll know that what you went searching for was always there in your own backyard all along.  Or something like that.  Remember too, even if you do see Mommy kissing Santa Claus…keep it to yourself.  And drink your milk!

DECEMBER 5 - NEW MOON IN SAG!  Vision Boards/Treasure Maps out and into the LIGHT!  You can do that while Mercury the Messenger and an uber powerful Pluto put plans, proposals and projects into place.  You’d be wise to do the same.  Business deal HIGHLY favored today.  And they’ll have legs too.  Enough to buy you all the Choo’s your closet can hold.  Uranus also turning direct after sitting in retro since July.  OMG do something/anything business related!  PROFIT is the promise.  Put an image of an arowana fish anywhere inside your ‘Career’ area.  Mat or mount it on purple paper.  Forget the presents under the tree, this one’s a gift in the NOW!  A gift that’ll keep on giving and giving and giving and…well, you get it.  Now do it.

DECEMBER 7 - Sun SEXtiles Saturn.  And, well, you know, Saturn hardly ever gets lucky.  But, today, you will.  Find lucky, I mean.  Fortune and luck in fact.  Heading to a chimney near you.  Expect the unexpected and then constantly affirm this (from Shinn):  “I expect the unexpected.  My seemingly impossible good now comes to pass.”  Better than marshmallows on hot chocolate.  YUM.

DECEMBER 8 - Lovey lovely Venus SEXtiles powerful Pluto!  A whipped cream day if there ever was one!  ASK!  No, really, ASK.  For whatever you want.  Don’t even worry about checking that list twice.  Just ask once.  For the loan, the mortgage, the line of credit…MONEY talks and bullshit walks.  And should Auld Aquaintance be forgot I can guarantee you this, today won’t be.  Ask!  Write what you want nine times in red ink on white paper and sleep on that for nine days.  Each day as you awake read the list aloud.  And do that same thing again before you retire for the evening.  On the 9th day burn the list outside (or in your kitchen sink in a flammable container if getting outside is impossible.)  You’ll take a cup of kindness yet.  Promise!

DECEMBER 10 - Mercury at six degrees of separation from Capricorn and going retrograde until the day before New Year’s Eve!  Shop accordingly.  NO big ticket items after today.  Rather, give a gift card and let them pick out the flatscreen after the Super Bowl is over…Best Buy then (wink!)  You might just want to make friends with Mercury anyway by pulling out the cornmeal and making an image of his glyph on the threshold of your main entryway.  Sleighbells ring, in the lane snow is glistening, and now Mercury has us on his ‘Nice’ list.  Whew. 

DECEMBER 13 - Mercury conjoins Pluto while Mars makes hay in Capricorn.  And, then, Mars conjoins that easy Pluto too.  Sounds too good to be true right?  I mean that deal you just heard about not those ménage a strology hook ups happening high in the skies.  Look, if an investment sounds too good to be true that usually means that it is.  But, this time, well, hmmmm.  Let’s just wait until Mercury is safely moving forward again before signing on the dotted line.  If you MUST sign, use a purple or red pen AND the Prosperity Signature.  Start the first letter of your first name slanting it UP and to the RIGHT.  Slant the ENTIRE SIGNATURE up and to the right as well.  And, lastly, end the last letter of your last name this exact same slanted up and to the right way.  Eat, Pray, Love.  But don’t sign.  Unless you have to. 

DECEMBER 16 - Uh oh.  Well at least it won’t ruin the whole holiday season.  Sun squaring off against Jupiter.  Why, Sun, why?  Why would you want to upset uber generous and Jupiter Claus at Christmastime?  Watch the urge to splurge and the yen to spend, either or both could get you in plenty of hot water today.  And, well, you might think you need some retail therapy after run-ins with those cranky higher-ups and authorities.  You don’t need ANY retail therapy, or, remember….hot water.  Why not try this hot water instead:  A Shamanic Power Bath; pour some Holy water and some Florida water (you can google to find out how to make or buy) and then add some of the following herbs: licorice, basil, pepper, mimosa and motherwort.  Add the ones you can easily find.  You can also add carnations and sandalwood as well as lavender and rosemary.  This bath attunes you with Cosmic Power and infuses you with same.  I know!  Worries down the drain.  JOY to the world!  POWER to you!

DECEMBER 17 - Now the stupid Sun is squaring off against Uranus!  Well, at least we’re getting past the worst of it.  The month that is.  Haste not only makes waste on this day but could lead to loss as well.  Hold onto your wallet as you whiz from mall to mall and do be sure to keep both a little sea salt and a sprinkling of ground ginger inside that same place!  Refresh the salt and the ginger every thirty days.  Restore your finances as soon as you enact this cure!  A spicy shopping season.  Otherwise, keep a low pro today.  You know, while you’re keeping a hand on your wallet. Shoppers might be rushing home with their treasures, I’m just trying to make sure that they don’t rush home with yours.  But I think you get the picture. It looks like a yellow light.  Caution.  Today.

DECEMBER 18 - Ah, the Sun back in a MUCH better mood today and SEXtiling Neptune.  (Is it just me or does it seem like Neptune is getting a lot of action this month?  Yeah, that’s what I thought.)  Anyway, the hopes and fears of all the years are met in thee tonight.  Today too.  It’s time for you to give back.  Just the hope.  Forget fear, it’s an illusion anyway.  Random (or not) act of kindness and some service to boot.  Even if that means giving some of your old shoes away.  Get outside of you and give to someone else.  Two words, Karma Klaus!

DECEMBER 20 - Mercury, the Messenger, squaring off against Uranus, the Unpredictable.  Keep a quartz crystal in your car.  Or keep your mechanic there.  You’ll need one or the other today.  And, while we’re at it, Mercury is SEXtiling Neptune (yup, I said Neptune!)  Some sort of news could prove very illuminating.  If you want to speed that plough then change the lightbulb in your bedroom to the HIGHEST wattage you can find.  Hark the Herald Angels Sing!  And that just might mean some music to your ears!

DECEMBER 21 - SOLSTICE!  SOLSTICE!  SOLSTICE!  The return of the Light!  Sun enters Capricorn too.  FULL MOON Lunar Eclipse.  Take a big fat red candle and carve an image of the Sun in the side of it.  Make a wish and infuse it right into that big fat red candle.  LIGHT it.  And let it burn all the way down.  Smoke signals carry your wish on the winds.  Now, go ahead, have yourself a merry little Christmas, Let YOUR heart be LIGHT, from now on your troubles will be out of sight.  Out of sight!

DECEMBER 25 - SUPER STELLAR CHRISTMAS DAY!  The world is right and hopes are high!  Because it’s Christmas.  And because I am sharing some secret Shui I’ve never shared before.  Ever.  Because it’s Christmas.  Tender blessings from my house and heart to you and all of yours!

DECEMBER 26 - Boxing Day.  Kwanza.  Sun conjoins Pluto.  Transformation starts early and lays heavy in the air.  Shift.  Transform.  Share.  Begin your New Year’s resolutions RIGHT NOW.  They will all, every one, resolve in some fashion or another.  Start them today.  And then choose one resolution and think of someone or something that already embodies that wish.  Do you want to be financially free?  Comfortable and secure.  Think of someone who already is financially free, comfortable and secure and, then, breathing in through the tip top of your head bless that person.  Now, exhale that same breath through your belly and keep blessing that person.  Do this all the day long.  Bless away.  Pikopiko and bountiful blessings right back at you.  Soon enough, that New Year’s reso list will only include what restaurant that you’re having at.

DECEMBER 29 - Mars squaring off against Saturn.  Boundaries versus Limits.  Limits on the ropes.  Boundaries down for the count.  Total KO.  Boundaries and limits, limits and boundaries.  Bygones.  Play classical music in the ‘Helpful People’ area.  And, then, sleep in Heavenly PEACE.

DECEMBER 30 - Mercury MOVING FORWARD AGAIN!  So will all of your communications.  Hip, hip, ho, ho, ho.  You can hit ‘Send’ now.  But shower the message with pink light pouring from your heart before you do.  LOVE this advice.

DECEMBER 31 - New Year’s Eve!  HAPPY!  HEALTHY!  PROSPEROUS!  And if you want to know how to get all three out of one single night you’ll have to come to the blog!  What child is this?  Why, it’s Baby New Year come to bring you HEALTH, HAPPINESS and PROSPERITY!  Exactly the same things I wish for all of you!  XOXOXOX

November 1 2010

Em-Power Days, November 2010

I could wax poetic but plain and simply this November will be one where gratitude will seem to flow oh so easily and plenty effortlessly too. As we reach the apex of Autumn, the crowning glory of the year, we might embrace the melancholy of the month but we’ll be doing that with an eye and optimism towards the immediate future.  And even though you might be packing a bag and heading over the river and through the woods, I can pretty much guarantee that you just might also be jaunting over the moon as well especially once sultry Venus and jubilent Jupiter both turn direct and leave their stinky stalled and stuck retrogrades behind.  Finally feeling free again.  And, although nights come earlier and the days dawn later there will be an incredible lightness of being blending into all that darkness and this bright brings a light that will illuminate from the inside out.

As for all things financial, well, even though the energies may be tinged with gold and silver this month, I would prefer to stay away from trading either of those markets.  With Jupiter entering a Cardinal CLIMAX, uh OHHHHHH might just be the order of these days!  Strong deflationary forces abound but without the purging of the toxic assets last year and with devaluation occurring to default, well, we could now see stocks rising against what every intellectual analysis should say.  Stick to apple picking this month, but, if you must market, just do same when there’s a bottom around.  And, speaking of bottoms, leave your enthusiasm in check at the tip top of the month, but bring it out in full force as December comes calling.  These are some special opportunistic energies about to head to a stocking near you and I want to make sure that all of yours are full to overflowing!  Now, if your own bottom line isn’t exactly where you’d like it to be at the moment, make sure you grab a copy of our new ebook/download, FIND TRUE WEALTH IN 27 DAYS, in order to join the thousands who have already found abundance and prosperity, comfort and contentment by following these fast, fun and easy secrets and shortcuts to money, money and more money.  The secret symbols alone yield quick, plentiful and positive re$ult$!  Click here for your copy now. If you start soon you may have another whole host of reasons to offer gratitude and thanks before this delicious month is through.  And I thank each and every one of you for adding such brilliance and beauty to my life!  Blessings to all and to all a good pie!

NOVEMBER 1 - All Saint’s Day!  No specific astro energies to speak of but you know how much I love me some saints!  One of my revered teachers, Hilda Charlton, used to talk about invoking Joan of Arc to overcome obstacles associated with challenges and fear.  Hilda taught that anytime you were heading into a situation that scared you, you should imagine yourself as courageous as Joan and then invoke her intercession three times.  While you’re invoking away, Hilda said, you should also be whipping out an invisible white banner of protection and strength that serves as you flying your own flag.  Freaky or not.  Now, some say that Joan is only a protector of women in distress and tell as well that anyone fitting that description can call on her for immediate alleviation.  Mascetti shares that in times of inviting Joan you can write her name on a blue ribbon alongside the words ‘Help Me.’ Roll the ribbon and place it in a pouch with chamomile, an unpeeled clove of garlic, powered sandalwood and the dried petals of a red rose.  Carry this with you and every time you are confronted with a potentially uncomfortable situation cross the fingers of both hands and say: “Courageous Saint Joan come to my aid I feel impotent protect me now! Send the danger away, lady, give me strength, I feel you present as my protector.”  Others say that once you have adopted Joan as your shield you should wear a copper ring on the pinky of the left hand for nine days straight while lighting a candle in thanks to Saint Joan for that same time frame.  After nine days bury the ring in a pot without a green plant without flowers.  Guess you’ll grow some brass ones.  Saints alive!  No, really, saints alive!

NOVEMBER 4 - SUPER STELLAR DAY!  SUPER STELLAR DAY!  SUPERDY DUPER SUPER STELLAR DAY!  Want to find out why today is so super and so stellar?  And then want to know how to use these energies to feed your dreams this whole month long?  Well then you have to sign up for the monthly newsletter at  www.ellenwhitehurst.com since this is the single ONLY place you can get that info.  My THANK YOU to all of you who come together and raise the vibe on the whole planet.  And who get my newsletter!  LOVE YOU!  And if you’re not already a subscriber, what may I ask, are you waiting for???  Be among the Empowered Elite today!

NOVEMBER 5 - Mercury the Messenger on the move again as he squares off against nebulous Neptune today.  You have full permission to dare to dream in living color.  Yup, go ahead and imagine away, just be wary of signing on the dotted line or otherwise committing in any other dedicated way.  Keep the commitment in your imagination for the time being.  Better to be safe (and wait for Venus and Jupiter to head into forward movement again!) than to be sad and sorry that you jumped the proverbial gun, whether it’s smoking or not.  But, speaking of smoking, burning violet incense or any incense that smells of violets is believed to lift the spirits and make the imagination soar.  Violet incense is called the ‘HAPPY INCENSE’ in Feng Shui.  Burning violet incense in the FAME area on a regular basis will bring both recognition and reward while keeping all the cool customers in the house happy!  Cheers!

NOVEMBER 6 - New Moon in Scorpio while Mercury the Messenger slides into a supportive trine with unpredictable Uranus.  What does that all mean in layman’s?  Inspirations and ideas all over the place and yours for the taking.  Don’t forget to get your Treasure Maps back under a light to lift some of the secretive darkness surrounding Scorpio too.  Now, let’s use a boost from another bright light.  Feng Shui says that changing out the bulb in your bedroom to a lighter and brighter one will immediately and positively influence and impact scores of opportunities that will now find their way to you.  Simply by changing the illumination in your sleeping space you can tremendously impact your every waking moment.  I’m so not just yankin’ your change.  There is simply no better time than this to go ahead and get all turned on!  So turn on already will ya?

NOVEMBER 7 - Neptune now turns direct after having been retrograde since the last day of May.  Clarity comes much more easily and issues and agendas now become crystal and clear.  You can put a quartz crystal in a kitchen window to help expedite those aforementioned efforts or you can just stay in the flow and take an empowering action step by turning back the clock an hour as Daylight Savings Time ends.  Either way, soon enough, you won’t feel in the dark about anything anymore.

NOVEMBER 14 - Warrior and aggressive Mars makes a supportive sextile to Saturn which also makes your actions speak WAAAAY louder than your words.  And those same actions are also promised an exponentially longer shelf life as well.  TODAY do something proactive that speaks to a treasured goal or dream.  Take a definitive step to make those dreams come true.  Now, if any of your goals or dreams have a professional piece attached to them then the action step you want to take is coming out of your closet.  No, not you, your shoes silly.  That’s right.  Feng Shui says that you should turn all your shoes in your closet around so that the top, tip or toe of the shoe is pointing out the door as if the shoe could get up and walk out on its own.  This is considered Shui Gold Standard for cranking up opportunity and positive energy on the work front.  And is one of the best Feng Shui cures that there are for finding a job as well.  Those boots might be made for walking but if they’re facing front side out they’ll be helping you to step up and into a nice little paycheck too!

NOVEMBER 15 - Wowza!  Woot!  Zoot Zoot and Yahoo!  Remember how I was telling you that there were a couple of days this month that were FIVE STAR DAYS and also were vying for the title of SUPER STELLAR DAY?  Thisdaywasthisclosearunneruptothatcrown!  The Sun is in an especially brilliant mood and is hooking up and hanging out with a joy-FULL Jupiter.  Believe me you are strongly advised to make hay while THIS Sun shines because baby so will you!  Shine that is!  It’s a PERFECT day to plan a meeting with someone who can help make your dreams come true.  Create a calendar that includes a meet and greet with someone in an authoritative capacity or position and who can help get your goals good and manifested too.  Then, once you have that meeting on the schedule go ahead and get ahead of yours.  Locate the HELPFUL PEOPLE area of your main floor and/or office and position a clear glass or crystal bowl there.  Now, write the name, in red ink, of the person you are having the meeting with (or, if you were too chicken this time around, use this cure anyway so we can get energies flowing for the next propitious possibility!)  Write the name alone on a plain piece of white paper and fold that in fours.  Drop it in the bowl and wave some incense over it while visualizing this person coming to your assistance and your aid.  Now leave the paper in the bowl for at least nine but no more than 27 days.  Everytime you pass the bowl bless the energies and the person whose name you have written inside it!  This is the fastest acting Feng Shui that I’ve ever seen and you don’t get a better day than today to take advantage!  Good luck!

NOVEMBER 17 - Mercury the Messenger sextiles a supportive Saturn today.  We’ve seen these energies before this month and are encountering more of same now.  It’s like a portal that opens and asks for us to ask for what we want.  This sort of astrological influence practically guarantees that we can get or accomplish whatever we put our minds too, as long as we commit to rolling up our sleeves and putting elbow grease behind those efforts and energies too!  But why not just try it?  Think about a dearly held dream or desire and then commit to doing whatever it takes to make that dream come true.  And thank Joann Cornug as we lift one of my favorite prayers from her fabulous book.  PRAYER FOR STRENGTH.  “Mighty I Am the Love, Power, Wisdom to realize (my goal).  Mighty I Am.  Mighty I Am.  Mighty I Am.”  Because, well, you ARE!

NOVEMBER 18 - If only the Sun weren’t in such a pissy mood and taking it out by squaring off against Neptune today!  Otherwise this could have almost been a PERFECT day with Venus and Jupiter both moving forward again after stalling through their respective retrogrades.  Darn that Sun!  Okay, okay, enough of that, let’s just go ahead and focus on the pretty and the positive!  Since Venus has been retrograde and therefore potentially putting a crimp in our love lives UNTIL NOW today would be the most ab fab time of all to engage in a little LOVE BATH.  Come on over to my blog post today to find out the magical ingredients that will make you a love magnet from this day forward!  Wash those worries down the drain, you’re about to be the most popular person in town!  Oh la LOVE!

NOVEMBER 19 - Ahhhh, that’s better.  The Sun lightens up and trines an agreeable Uranus today and, then, once again, all’s right with the world.  This is simply a swell day filled with all kinds of deluxe delights as well as satisfying surprises.  Honestly, it just doesn’t get much better than this.  Unless of course you do this:  GIVE BACK.  Just do something unexpected and wonderful and ANONYMOUS for someone else today.  Tithe.  Give seva or service.  Smile at a stranger and bless the whole world.  Sit straight and breathing in through your nose and out through your mouth imagine a big and bright pink light enveloping the entire world.  Imagine that you are situated somewhere far above the planet and are looking down as a loving parent would gaze as a treasured child.  Now send those pink energies to envelope and help heal.  There, you’re all done now, go forth and prosper.  And love.  And, of course, enjoy!

NOVEMBER 20 - Mercury (communications) conjoins Mars (action steps) inviting you to put your ideas out there and then to take some action that will move them into the stratosphere.  Like putting a sunflower shaped mirror into the FAME area perhaps?  Or burning a red candle there?  Or burning nine of them there?  Or hanging an image of a Phoenix or a peacock there?  Or putting a red triangle there? Or…Or…Or…Fame, as Irene Cara once sang, “I’m gonna live forever!”  And so will your ideas too if you enact any of these famous cures on this ideal day!

NOVEMBER 25 - HAPPY THANKSGIVING!  No astro energies to speak of but the perfect day to offer a little sage, tobacco and blue corn for all your blessings.  Placed at the foot or base of a tree, these offering hold a growing influence and impact over your energies as well.  Say some words of THANKS for every little thing you can think of, and, then, say some more.  Remember it was the mystic Meister Eckhardt who once said; “If the only prayer you ever say in your entire life is thank you, it will be enough.”  Say THANK YOU today.  Oh, and, thank YOU!  XOXOE  (And don’t forget to eat a pear after the sun sets today.  Will fill you with fortune and luck for the year that’s yet to come!) 

NOVEMBER 27 - Well now, yesterday might have been Black Friday but today is certainly Golden Saturday!  With Mercury making whoopee with Neptune energies and opportunities to experience deep and profound friendship and unconditional love are all around.  That said, although your relationships might be experiencing beautiful breakthroughs with Mercury squaring off against Uranus you’ll need to be careful of mechanical breakdowns.  Concentrate and capitalize on the former energies while not ignoring the latter.  Put a plant or some fresh cut flowers in the FAMILY / FRIENDS area of your home or bedroom and light a green candle there to brighten and lighten the blessings of the besties of the best!

NOVEMBER 29 - Mars squares off against Jupiter at the end of this gratitude laden month but these energies predicate you having to watch the yen to spend and the urge to splurge all over again.  Shop your ideas instead and send a musical missive out into the Universe to help them boomerang some blessings back to you.  Place a brass bell on the center of the right-hand side of your desk, and, if possible ring it nine times once a day to make your name a household one.  If you can’t ring the bell simply having it sit in that same space will do this trick as well.  This is one Feng Shui adjustment that practically promises that you’ll never have to ask for whom the bell tolls when I think we all now know it tolls for THEE!  Now, all that said, just a brief word to the wise about shopping during the coming holiday season.  Mercury goes retrograde on December 10 so you will be plenty well advised to have your holiday hoopla all taken care of by then.  And although today’s not the day to start those efforts the green light goes off again tomorrow.  Just sayin’!

October 4 2010

Em-Power Days, October 2010

Giving the Devil his due is a recurrent theme in late Autumn as his alien aesthetic and lonely figure seems to brush up against the darkness of the dusky fall.  The sacraments of the season, corn and grain and grain and corn, reminding again that all that falls shall rise once more.   All Beelzebubs and  boo’s aside, personally, I love this time of the year.  Nature appears aglow and can sometime produce such a pleasant effect on October that naked mornings bring a brightness that lifts but never separates.  We feel unity with the calm sunshine, the oak, the birch, even the bough that baby breaks.  Summer is over.  Winter not yet here.  Leaves fall but no one grieves. Maybe because every green thing dies such a colorful death?  We mellow now and bob for the apple of immortality while positioning pumpkins of protection before us.  Flaming fall explodes and, then so does a sense of profound gratitude. Abundance and Autumn heading down a country lane hand in hand.  That image whispers; “October, October, ahhhh, October.”  Can’t you hear it now?

And, speaking of now, treats might be a bit harder to find than anything else this month since the energies of this October do tend towards the tricky.  Mercury running amok in the early going causing and creating an uber awareness of all things communications.  In fact, the entire early to middle of the month costuming a slight homage to all those afore alluded to tricks before the end month showers with sweet treats.  As it should be I guess.  But, still.  Part of this gratis Mercury’s penchant towards mischief making as the first few weeks unfold.   But, then, we can’t forget Venus, the planet that governs love and money and secret and sizzling sex pulling up stakes and going into stall for the foreseeable.  Well, actually her retrograde lasts from the 8th  of October all the way through mid-November.  That’s a long time to go waiting for a good hair day.  But she’ll be back and better than ever before we know it.  Until then, we’ll have to hold onto our hats and keep an eye on our money.  If you want more of that than be sure to grab a copy of our NEW report written expressly with that same end result in mind.  FIND TRUE WEALTH IN 27 DAYS will help you do just that.  No better time than when Venus takes a turn for the worse to shore up any sag or slag where your own bottom line is concerned.  www.ellenwhitehurst.com and get your advance copy now.  Price reduced for this month only, after that, goes to other outside partners who then set those price parameter$.  For now, this one’s just at this price for you.  From us.  Don’t get spooked, get proactive.  And wealthy.  NOW.  October and abundance and YOU.  Not so scary after all.  Nope, not scary at all.

OCTOBER 1 - Mercury the Messenger actually daring to oppose our favorite gift and good luck giving planet, the generous, magnanimous Juipter!  Shame on you Mercury!  For potentially fouling up negotiations!  Be cautious and wary and extra uber vigilant where presentations and talks regards the future are concerned.  Or you could just boil a few leaves of saffron and some almonds in a few cups of milk and then let it cool before drinking it down.  This ancient Eastern recipe promises that whoever drinks this magical mixture will not only think sweet thoughts and say sweet words but will totally forget their woes and their worries as well.  You might want to pour a shot for whoever is sitting across the table from you too!

OCTOBER 2 -  What’s up Mercury’s butt?  Today he trying to get a rise out of old unpredictable and surprising Uranus.  I wouldn’t sign anything today if I were you.  In fact, this fracas can provoke fall-out for the next week so try to keep your John Hancock to yourself for at least that long.  You know, you might want to watch your words too.  Yes, yes, in the beginning was the Word but those same things could mean the end of you if you aren’t careful about what you say AND how you say it.  See yesterday’s ‘cure’ that can carryover until today too.  You can catch more flies with honey but you can catch a break if you drink some almond and saffron milk.  Trust me.  I k now what I’m TALKING about!

OCTOBER 3 - Oh Mercury, aren’t those black beauties wearing off yet?  Mercury enters balanced Libra today while Venus conjoins Mars in sizzling, secretive and oh so sexy Scorpio.  Never mind Mercury.  Who cares even?  It’s that Venus and Mars heating up the skies thing that has me all hot and bothered.  Could shed some of the sexy onto you too!  If you’re looking for love then go ahead and put on those rose colored 3-D glasses because you’ve come to the right place.  Immediate and instantaneous infatuation and all you had to do was stand there and look…well….for love.  The only caveat causing concern here is the fact that Venus, although smitten, seems to run for the hills when the 8th rolls around.  She’s retrograding then so proceed now with caution.  I’d still go for it though.  Love actually.  Put a cluster of amethyst quartz crystals in the ROMANCE area of the living/family room and wait for Cupid to come calling.  Getting grounded never felt so good!

OCTOBER 5 - Guess who???  Yup.  MERCURY squaring off against powerful and pissy Pluto!  Run for it!  Or, just be sure to go over everything with a fine tooth comb and, then, don’t be afraid to split hairs.  Look, we can see a theme running through these early days of October with Mercury all running amok as he is.  This is THE planet that governs all of our communications, but, when he shakes a fist at Pluto he’s involving contracts and clauses and all things that concretize relationships.  Just go over everything.  EVERYTHING.  And then do not be hesitant to ask for changes.  Especially if you have a clear quartz crystal positioned on a window sill in your kitchen OR one hanging over the headboard of your bed while you are sleeping at night!  Either way, all will be made clear.  And that’s just what YOU deserve!

OCTOBER 7 - New Moon in Libra.  A nice relationship respite that doesn’t predicate you watching every word that comes out of your mouth.  How about you watch some bubbles instead you big blowhard!  That’s right.  Feng Shui says that you can use bubbles to make your dreams and wishes come true.  Any night at dusk, as the sun is getting ready to set, sit and visualize what the perfect partner and relationship looks like to you.  Now, begin to blow.  Your bubbles that is.  Now, inside each bubble that floats off into the air, literally see (visualize) this same visual inside a bubble.  Blow as many as you like all the while watching your visual of the perfect pairing take flight.  I have had clients who visualize walking hand in hand down an aisle after just reciting their wedding vows…all when there wasn’t a potential partner in sight.  Most of them are married as I write.  Just sayin’…

OCTOBER 8 - Venus, the planet that governs all things love and money, turns retrograde today and stays that way until the 18th of next month.  Firstly I would head over to my website (www.ellenwhitehurst.com) and grab a copy of our new money report.  Just because this timing couldn’t be better.  But also because it will occupy you while Mercury whoops it up with serious taskmaster Saturn.  Look, if you were to do the research you would see that these energies indicate that any agreements made now will have a long lasting and valuable effect on your life.  What better time to commit to an agreement with yourself to start to get financially sound and secure?  Or to bring in and partner with someone/something, a person/group/business, who can help propel your ideas, intentions and goals.  The getting is good.  So go get them.  And then be sure to ring a brass bell nine times for three days in order to call them in.  Sound Shui.  If you want to really be proactive leave that same bell on the center of the right side of your desk indefinitely.  That ringing in their ears will be YOUR name!

OCTOBER 10 - 10/10/10 when reduced and added together adds up to the sum of 3.  When the numbers of your name reduce to a number 3 it means that you have artistic inclinations that are waiting to be expressed.  There is a HUGE potential present for you to succeed in any of the arts  -  music, painting, performing – all or any of these will fulfill and satisfy you and make you happy.  YOU have the power to lift others through your creative efforts.  You can delight with you talent.  And, as mentioned, you can and will be incredibly successful while your work will have lasting and loving meaning to and for others.  FAME.  Nine red candles in FAME and light them for a bit of time for nine days straight.  FAME.  I’m gonna live forever, I’m gonna learn how to fly.  High.  If my name adds up to a number 3 that is.  Assign each letter in your first and last name a corresponding number from placement in the alphabet (A = 1, B= 2 etc) and then reduce them to a single digit.  Creativity and FAME are associated with the number 3!

OCTOBER 18 - Mercury still making the most of October as he trines nebulous Neptune today.  At least he’s not making mischief anymore, but, rather, actually trying to help!  Take advantage!  Work on a project or a proposal with a partner today or even couple up for some truly creative pairing.  Two heads really are better than one especially when Mercury and Neptune are paving the pathway to partnering success.  Put two pink candles in the RELATIONSHIP area of your main floor and tie the candlesticks together with nine or 18 inches of red string, ribbon or thread.  Keep the candles a few inches apart and, then, everyday for the next three, push them a bit closer together before lighting and letting them burn a bit.  On the third day the candle holders should be touching as you allow the candles themselves to burn all the way down.  Burning the candle at both ends will wear you out, burning them in this way will bring you both together…to infinity and beyond!  That’s the Buzz!

OCTOBER 19 - Sun trines Neptune and shines on your charitable, philanthropic and really, really karmic efforts.  GIVE SERVICE / SEVA today!  Give money, time, energy to a charity.  Or put in some community service hours.  Who knows you might see Lilo or Paris while you’re at it.  Even if you  buy lunch for the homeless guy on the corner, do something/anything that takes you outside your self and gives back to the world.  GOOD FOR YOU!  No, really, it is.

OCTOBER 20 - SUPERDY DUPERDY Stellar Day.  And this one’s FIVE STAR this month!  You simply WILL NOT want to miss it. And you won’t if you’re a subscriber to the monthly newsletter.  Get on over to www.ellenwhitehurst.com and sign up now.  You’ll be MORE than happy you did!  Forever and ever.  Amen!

OCTOBER 22 - Let’s just ignore Mercury for a moment shall we?  Today we can focus on the Full Moon in Aries or even Mars squaring off against Neptune.  All of these celestial events conspire to warn you to watch your friending and your spending.  In other words your social life could cost you today.  In more ways than one.  Easy does it.  And, well, speaking of easy…okay, okay, we’re back paying attention to Mercury again.  That said, Mercury sextiling Pluto today does make for easy presentations and potentially successful promotional opportunities.  How about we focus on that aspect of this day and just vow to be cautious and careful around friends and money?  Now, if you are looking to make the perfect presentation or garner the most wonderful promotional opportunity then let’s take a look at your front entryway, also known as the Mouth of Chi in Feng Shui.  Opportunities for good fortune will be greatly enhanced by having an energy ‘activator’ hanging around that same opening.  Place a wind chime outside the front door to invite power, enhanced luck, good fortune and good cheer to enter your life!  Benefits and blessings will be oh so easy to swallow after that!

OCTOBER 24 - Mars trines Uranus today, but, what does that mean for you?  Surprising opportunities and unexpected pleasure straight out of the blue.  Let’s help them along shall we?  From Florence Shinn; “The unexpected happens, my seemingly impossible good now comes to pass.”  Nine times in the morning, in red ink on white paper.  Nine more at midday and, finally, nine more before you go to bed tonight.  Sleep with the paper under your pillow and burn it anytime tomorrow.  Those pleasures and opportunities might not be so unexpected after all, but, they sure will be saweeeet!

OCTOBER 26 - Sizzling, frisky Sun sextiling Pluto.  A solid day to find financial security.  Balance the budget.  Restructure.  Realign your expectations.  And expect a financial miracle.  Especially if you get with the program.  Our program.  FIND TRUE WEALTH IN 27 DAYS.  Started today virtually guarantees success.  And money.  So will turning a light on in the WEALTH area of your bedroom for three hours a day for the next nine consecutive days.  We are dealing with the Sun after all!  Brighten up and then lighten up!  It’s all going to be just fine!

OCTOBER 31 - Moon in Leo means competition and creativity will both be in the spotlight.  Since I don’t believe in that first thing I’ll concentrate on the second.  Play some music in the CREATIVITY area of your home/office and activate and energize those energies!  You could also win BEST COSTUME tonight too, but, hey, it’s all good since you’re already a big winner in my book!  Have a Spooktacular Halloween and don’t forget to eat that apple after midnight.  Again, who cares who’s the fairest of them all (even though we already know it’s you!)  Next month almost all treats!  Because Trix are for kids!

September 1 2010

Em-Power Days, September 2010

We meet again in Autumn now!  Yes, yay, it’s September.  And we made it through. Oh, to be sure, that irrational and irritating astrological Grand Cross still hangs high in the sky.  Just not as fearful anymore.  Nope, nope, nope; not King of the Fffffffinances anymore.  Take c-c-courage, because Scarecrow got dibs on the heart. And since it’s ‘Back to School’ that must mean that we got some brains.  So think on this. Along with last vestiges of summer, the worst is over.  The storms have subsided and if you squint hard enough and long enough you might even be able to spy the silver linings shimmering behind those slowly banishing clouds.  You made it!  YOU made it.  And so did the economy.  Well, for now anyway.  That said, I’d still prefer to see you out in the orchard apple picking because there’s no bottom picking allowed. For the immediate and foreseeable anyway.  We’re still on shaky financial ground but not near as tremulous as we once were.  Recently even.  Can’t you just feel the fresh start in the air?  Yellow jackets buzzing giving way to yellow buses, um, school busing.  Soon, soon, the seasonal smells too.  Brush burning.  Old leather footballs.  New books.  And then the Equinox.  Equal dark and equal light.  Bygones.  Oranges and golds, grain and gratitude.  For the harvest that is.  We do, after all, reap what we sow.  With or without grandmother’s old Singer. Even if her refrain did go something like this:  “Try to remember the kind of September, When life was slow and oh so mellow.”  This month, you won’t have to try very hard.  Slow and mellow, slow and mellow.  Then follow – follow.  YOUR heart.  Just like Scarecrow found out, it was always there all along.

SEPTEMBER 4 - Oh there she is!  Lovely Venus trines a dreamy Neptune making this an even dreamier day.  And a really hot night.  Go ask Alice.  She’ll tell you.  Up is down and down is up.  And, then, up might be just, well, up since there are highly charged passionate and sexual energies afoot without all the fetish.  Forget the Van Van oil, even though this certainly is a fantabulous night to make romance.  We’re getting even more empowered than that.  How about some ‘Sex’ oil?  Two drops essential oil of ginger, two of patchouli and one drop each of cardamom and sandalwood.  Wear it as a cologne.  But don’t say I didn’t warn you.  Slippery when wet. 

SEPTEMBER 8 - Flirty Venus on a roll.  She enters secretive, sensual, sexual Scorpio today while Jupiter slides back into Pisces.  Jewish New Year begins at Sundown and New Moon rises in Virgo after sunset.  Can’t you just feel the push to start something brand spanking (homage to Venus in Scorpio) new?  Initiation is the order of the day.  Begin anew.  But, first, clear out the old.  Squeeze the juice from three lemons into any earthenware or all natural container filled with spring or filtered water.  Starting at the front door and walking in a clockwise direction around the main floor go to every room that has ANY drain in it at all.  Spill a little of this lemon water down each and every drain.  Kitchen sink.  Washing machine.  Shower stalls.  Commodes.  Down all the drains.  Buh bye summer, hellooooo and happy early NEW year!

SEPTEMBER 9 - Aggressive and active Mars taking his turn at trining Neptune now.  Following on the heels of yesterday’s ‘BEGIN SOMETHING NEW’ energies, the ones that circle and swirl today practically beg you to take action on your ideas.  No time like the present to find such a swell gift.  Locate both the WEALTH and the ROMANCE/RELATIONSHIP areas on your main floor (see  HYPERLINK “http://www.ellenwhitehurst.com” www.ellenwhitehurst.com and hit the Bagua link to find these areas) and then find the nearest exit door and/or window to both.  If there aren’t any, then fast forward to next tip.  However, a chime or a crystal placed in front of exit or window in either/both of these locations can retain important energies that can promote prosperity AND the completion of your projects.  This would be that day!

SEPTEMBER 11 - I lost loved ones too.  White candles.  Burning in front of their wooden framed photos.  Eternal rest.  While we continue to remember, honor and mourn.

SEPTEMBER 12 - I don’t care that it wasn’t supposed to affect Aquarians.  This Mercury retrograde kicked my ass.  KICKED MY ASS.  Not any longer.  Mercury the Messenger wakes up and heads forward.  MERCURY THE MESSENGER leaves Taj Mahal fishing and humming to himself because we got bigger ones to fry. With Venus (love and money) SEX-tiling a satisfied and powerful Pluto, financial talks go swimmingly.  Really, really well.  Visualize nine faux Chinese coins affixed in a vertical fashion on a long rectangle of yellow silk.  Power (four character side) facing out.  Or you can make this same thing and hang it in your WEALTH area.  But just as effective using the imagination.  ‘See’ this ancient secret Feng Shui wealth ‘cure’ moving back and forth, up and down and swirling all around inside the bottom of your feet.  Like a koi in a pond or a guppie in a bowl.  Moving all around.  The ground you stand on is now hallowed.  And harmonious.  And about to reap some nice rewards.  Hey sole sista, your ship’s about to come in.  Step lively.  And carry a big rod.

SEPTEMBER 13 - Copycat!  Pluto turns direct today.  And he’s an astro top dog.  Rules your personal power.  Glad to see him moving forward again.  Woof, woof, woo….oh, wait, I mean, woot, woot, woot!  You know what to do.  Get out the cornmeal.  The glyph and other advice will be in the blog @ellenwhitehurst.tumblr.com/

SEPTEMBER 18 - SUPER STELLAR DAY.  I’ll just tease and say it could also be called MIRACLES DO COME TRUE DAY.  Serious as, well, you know.  The only way to find out why and what to do is to be a subscriber to my monthly newsletter.   www.ellenwhitehurst.com. Really, you’re hesitating?  Silllllleeeeeee.

SEPTEMBER 21 - Dichotomy alert!  ‘International Day of Peace’ pretty much anything but.  Sun opposing Uranus in Pisces.  Pissy.  Stupid Sun.  Glaring at and opposing Jupiter as well.  If you need help, for goodness sakes, ASK!  With foundations shifting and possibly cracking, don’t call on the contractor unless he’s Angel Xexor.  Invoked in earnest and in prayer he’s the real deal.  And will bring magic to the mix.  As well as promising to grant your wish.  “I AM witness, to God’s miracle, every instant of every day.”  Say it sincerely.  And often.  Thanks Joann Cornug for once again doing the legwork.  Thanks Xexor for taking care of everything else.  Just ask!

SEPTEMBER 22 - Autumn Equinox.  Sun enters Libra.  Sukkot at sundown.  Shift.  Balance.  Center.  Breeeeeethe.  In through the nose and out through the mouth.  All the while intoning the magical name of God, “HUM” on the exhale.  Nine times.  Three times during this day.  Breathe in light.  Breathe out and “hum.”  God only knows how powerful this exercise is.  Literally.

SEPTEMBER 25 - Sun squaring off against the mighty and powerful Pluto.  Uh oh.  Duck and cover.  Or just cover.  Authority issues and power plays abound.  Who cares?  Not us!  The DL is the place we want to be.  Keep it tightly zipped.  DON’T ASK FOR ANYTHING.  That way you won’t be disappointed.  And don’t forget to keep six small crystal balls (or glass marbles) atop a mirror somewhere in the living room.  Extra added insurance.

SEPTEMBER 30 - The annual Sun – Saturn sobering slam.  Just face the facts, be realistic and practical and know that this too shall pass.  But carrying a little bit of cinnamon, the warm brown spice of friendship that is also said to destroy enemies might make this a sweeter day.  And will give you strength.  Toast to cinnamon!